Malahit DSP2 – What is the best 18650 battery?

The Malahit DSP1 / Malahit DSP2 no built in protection for the 18650 cell, because the current is very low. But the charging controller is good (TP4056) and it comes with some protection features.

TP4056 specifications:

  • charging current: 0,9 A
  • input voltage 4,5 V – 5,5 V
  • charging end voltage: 4,2 V

Some informations about 18650 batterys

18650 cells are a bit dangerous. There are many fakes in circulation and even if you buy from a trusted dealer, you may not get an original. The fakes are often removed from old batteries, for example, from old laptop batteries.

In the worst case, such a battery can degas. Fortunately, the case has holes for the sound, so the case does not explode. But this can cause fire to escape or simply damage the malahit.

How to get a good cell?

  • Buy from a big seller (In Germany or at your local Vape Shop
  • If the cell has a capacity of more than 3800 mah, this is technically not possible and the cell is a fake

The Malahit has such a low consumption that any 18650 battery is compatible. You can only deal with the following properties:

  • Manufacturer: The best are Panasonic / Sanyo, Sony / Murata, Samsung, LG
  • Capacity: Use a Cell with more than 3000 mah (but not more than 3800 mah, this cells are fake)
  • Protected or unprotected: Proteced cells can be to high for the Malahit cell holder (Measure the high before, perhaps there are diffrent cell holders in the Malahits)
  • Flat Top, high, solde tags: Flat top cells are best for the cell holder of the Malahit
  • Li-Ion and not LiFePO4 (LiFePO4 has a diffrent voltage range)

18650 cells that i can recommend:

  • Panasonic / Sanyo cells like: NCR18650B, NCR18650GA (Some other manufacturer are using this cells, like Keenpower)
  • Sony Konion / Murata cells like: US18650VTC6


I think we have some options to use for the best setup for all of us.

The easy way:

  • buy a NCR18650B, NCR18650GA cell, flat top and unprotected

Little effort with more protection:

  • find a protected cell which can fit in the cell holder of the Malahit
  • you can change the cell holder to a bigger one

The best way in my opinion with most protection:

  • buy a NCR18650B, NCR18650GA cell, flat top and unprotected
  • use a external BMS

Why a external BMS?

A external BMS can protect the 18650 cell and the Malahit hardware. A external BMS is very cheap and with 4 soldering points, easy to implement. The BMS are very smal and can fit on the cell holder.

Features of a external BMS

  • overcharge voltage protection (for Li-Ion mostly 4,25 V with + – 0,05 V)
  • undercharge voltage protection (for Li-Ion mostly 2,5 V)
  • maximum continuous current (more MOS, more current)
  • overcurrent detection (short circuit too)
  • reverse protection
  • and some more

Examples of external BMS

On the picture can you see diffrent types of BMS. They all have the same features, but diffrent maximum current protection from 2A to 8A. The BMS must be 1S for Li-Ion batterys. The BMS must be in the middle of the Malahit and the 18650 cell.

1S BMS have 4 soldering points:

  • 2 x for the battery + and –
  • 2 x for the consumer (Malahit) + and – cable

Here you can see some examples:

  • Malahit with Panasonic NCR18650B cell
  • LG cell with a BMS on top, here you can see that it takes more space (If you buy a proctected cell, the sleeve is over all and you can see the BMS)
  • Some external BMS (More MOS, more current)

In the next days i make a guide how to use a external BMS and how to use 2 x 18650 cell in the Malahit DSP2.

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