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Malahit DSP2 – Reset to default configuration

You can reset the Malahit DSP2 to the default configuration:

  • User configuration will be lost
  • Frequency favorites and band menu will be lost
  • Dynamic Retro Scale custom settings will be lost

To reset the Malahit DSP2 you have to do this:

  • Exit all menus
  • Hold down both encoder buttons until you can hear a beep sound

Now the default configuration should be loaded.

Malahit DSP2 – Waterfall bandwith

On the Malahit DSP2 the waterfall has 3 bandwith options:

  • 160 kHz
  • 80 kHz
  • 40 kHz

To change the waterfall bandwith, tap on the selected area:

Now the waterfall bandwith changes from 160 kHz to 80 kHz.

If you tap another time on the selected area, the waterfall bandwith changes to 40 kHz:

If you tap a last time on the area, the 160 kHz waterfall bandwith came back.

Malahit DSP2 – Set clock

You can set the system clock of the Malahit DSP2. Tap some time on the HARD menu button, until it beeps:

Now you should see this configuration screen:

  • with the small encoder button you can scroll in the selected option
  • click short on the small encoder button, to change the item

You can save the selected time:

  • push the small encoder button until it beeps, now the new time is saved

Malahit DSP2 – HARD menu

The Malahit DSP2 offers very much options for configuration. Today we look at the HARD menu:

Hard menu options:

  • ENC reverse: Change direction for decoder buttons 1, 2 or both buttons
  • PWR ANT: Bias Tee voltage for a antenna or pre amp can be activated. Voltage is always the cell voltage from about 3,7v – 2,5v
  • Vbat control: Configuration for the cell voltage, with “Low”, the receiver don´t have a protection for undervolting. Use better “Standard”. With “Standard” the receiver shutdown under 3,3v.
  • SW antenna: 50 Ohm for a standard antenna, Hi Z for SW with a antenna like a telescopic one
  • PREAMP: Enable or Disable PreAmp. ith the PreAmp you can make the signals stronger
  • ATT: Attenuator, more dB the signal is weaker. It can help for strong signals
  • RF GAIN: With this option you can change the gain of the receiver, higher number for a stronger signal. To much gain is not good for the signals, because the signal are to strong
  • LNA/MIX UPGR: Gain reduction, if you enable this, the gain is weaker, responsible for enabling or disabling gain reduction
  • MIX GR: Gain reduction, if you enable this, the gain is weaker, responsible for enabling or disabling gain reduction
  • F correct: If you have a frequency shift, you can controll it with this function
  • Sm correct: You can control the sensitivy of the S Meter
  • BEEP LVL: Level of the beep sound of the controls
  • Ind type: Change from SNR to dBm. “Signal to noise ratio” is an indicator of the signal quality. dBm is a indicator how strong is the signal
  • Activity timer: The Malahit DSP2 shutdown after the time is configured
  • Pre Gain: You can control the gain of the PreAmp, lower number for a stronger signal (0 is the strongest). To much gain is not good for the signal