Currently I am working on some mods for the Malahit DSP2. But before I recommend something concrete, I would like to do tests with different variant to really find the best components.


In the moment i make some tests with Bluetooth boards. The left one is working from 3v to 5,5v and is perfect for the 18650 cell. The little right one has the lesses interferences.

Here you can buy it

BNC Socket

I found a very good BNC socket, which is only a bit bigger than the SMA socket. The other BNC jacks I’ve had were extremely large in circumference, which would have meant that the hole for the jack would no longer stay on one side of the Malahit DSP2’s case. The new socket solves the problem and is still high quality.

Only the hole for the socket must be a little bit bigger. With the U.FL port the rest is no problem and plug and play.

Here you can buy it, the item on the right:

SMA Sockets

I make some test with other SMA to U.FL connectors. Some of them are making much interferences. The right one is the best one. All have the same diameter and can fit into the SMA socket hole of the Malahit DSP2.

BMS and 2 x 18650 cells

At the moment i test some 18650 cell holder and BMS. I already use a external BMS and 2 x 18650 cells in my Malahit DSP2. Also there are many cell holder ons the market. Some of them can fit protected 18650 cells and some of them not.

Here is the guide how to do the mod and how to buy:

U.FL Sockets

At some time i thought my U.FL socket is broken. But than i found, that the U.FL port on the SMA cable was broken. If the U.FL bushing does not survive the experiments, I can replace it.

When i finished, i create guides for all of the mods.