The Dynamic Retro Scale of the Malahit SDR is a very nice feature and it can be activated:

  • Change the frequency to to W-FM range of your region
  • Change the mode to W-FM

Now you shuld see the Dynamic Retro Scale windows. If you see the waterfall or the RDS data screen, touch on it (for the RDS data screen, the part on the bottom, which is marked on the picture below), until you see the correct screen.

Malahit DSP2 – Dynamic Retro Scale – Region

At first you must set your region, because both regions have diffrent ranges. Click on the “VISUAL” menu and set the option “Retro Scale”:

  • European (87,5-108 MHz)
  • Japanese (75,1-94,9 MHz)

Dynamic Retro – Hidden configuration menu

You can access the hidden menu, if you touch on the space which i marked on the picture:

Dynamic Retro Scale – Configuration menu

In the configuration menu you can find manyoptions:

  • Auto search for all stations in your near (maximum number of stations is 69)
  • Add / Edit Station (Add new stations and edit stations added or found with auto search, seven characters, numbers, Latin, Cyrillic)
  • Rename of the scale (change the name of the scale)
  • Clear scale (delete scale)
  • Change to another scale (switch to another scale)
  • Load a preset (presets which created by the autor)
  • Change the color (green, yellow or white scale)

Dynamic Retro Scale – Auto Search

With the “Auto Search” you can search for all stations which you can receive. The Dynamic Retro Scales can show the stations after the auto search. If the search found a station, it shows the message “PILOT-TONE DETECTED”. There is a limit of 69 stations. The search process is looking like this and takes about 5 minutes:

After the search is finished, you can see all stations the search has found and you can save the result as a new scale:

After the scan is saved, it´s look like this:

Problems with auto search

If you find too much or too less stations and “WMF Stereo” is enabled, try to activate the headphone. Perhaps it can also help to connect a headphone to the audio out socket. WMF Stereo can only work with a headphone, because without the pilot tone can´t be determined.

Thanks to Peter!

Dynamic Retro Scale – Change Color

Here can you change the color of the Dynamic Retro Scale:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White

Dynamic Retro Scale – Add / Edit stations

Here you can:

  • delete stations
  • add new stations
  • rename stations

Possible are seven characters, numbers, Latin, Cyrillic:

The arrows on the screen allow you to change the station name. Above the arrows there is a double window, on the left is the frequency of the station, on the right is the name. By default, after auto search or manual search, the name matches the frequency. Pressing the right arrow will not be able to change the frequency, but you can change the station name.

Dynamic Retro Scale – Rename Scale

Here you can rename the name of your scales. Possible are seven characters, numbers, Latin, Cyrillic:

Dynamic Retro Scale – Clear Scale

Here you can delete the scale you want:

Dynamic Retro Scale – Load Preset

Here can you load a preset from stations from some locations:

Dynamic Retro Scale – Switch Scale

Here can you switch through your scales: